Artist Statement

I am an artist focused on creating realistic oil painting.
My inspiration is drawn from the art of the great masters, such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Velazquez. I am centered on creating portraits and personal scenes, and place them at the core of my artistic imperative. With a gentle touch of surrealism, I seek to render narratives of magical and humanistic imagery.

The act of painting is a meditation.

It is a silent poetry.

A physical manifestation of one's vision and imagination.

Painting has opened my eyes to the world.

My portraits go beyond merely capturing the subject’s likeness but also to include a momentary ‘truthfulness’ of their essence. They are about people, their grace, their innocence, beauty and our divine wisdom. I create visual poems. They are visual intimate compositions that transcend spoken language. That is, to capture reality with that touch of whimsy that is often present in the everyday but often looked over in this hectic, modern world.

C. Bautista